31 days: a fall snack mix

So, cruising pinterest a while back I came across this fall snack mix idea. Knowing that my kids are more apt to actually eat nuts, raisins etc if they are mixed into a batch of something I thought this would be a fun fall break activity.

fall snack mix ingredients

I’ve been buying up supplies for the last couple of grocery trips and yesterday we set it all out and mixed it up. Here’s what we used:

candy corn (1/2 a bag)
mini chocolate chips (like 1/4 a cup)
honey nut “cheerios” (2 cups)
chocolate cereal (2 cups)
cheese crackers (roughly 2 cups)
raisins (roughly 1/2 cup)
almonds (1/4 cup)
pretzel squares (roughly 1-2 cups)

*I think the jars from Pinterest also had peanuts in them (which would be delicious), but alas we are peanut free in our house šŸ™

yummy! (fall snack mix)

We threw it all into a bowl, mixed it up (slapped all the hands that kept stealing the candy corn!) and poured it into a container to enjoy!

One thing about our mix…As much as possible, I used organic ingredients and honestly they don’t have quite the orange and brown “glow” that non-organic crackers and cereal might have. A good thing health-wise, but not so good if you are really wanting that halloween/fall orange and brown look in a jar. šŸ™‚

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