what’s your melody?

What is the melody of my heart…
When I’m driving home from the grocery with a nearly empty budget envelope on the third day of the month?
When my children are so quick to frustration with themselves, each other and me?
As I see the projects pile and pile up and the time just slip away from me?
When I continue to get sucked into the cyber-world, ignoring the family behind me?

All these things, and more, offer and opportunity for me to change the melody of my heart. There is a song that my life flows to, but it’s a human song and many of the notes are sour or missing.
It’s a broken world and I am fallen.
But He offers an opportunity for my melody to be changed.
He adds notes that are missing.
He fixes the notes that are broken.
He wants to change the melody of my heart, but I have to participate.
It’s like He is writing the music, but I’ve got to be brave enough to sit down and hit the keys.

…making melody to the Lord with all your heart, giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father…
Ephesians 5:19

I’ve got to play His version:

271. for the abundance in my trunk as I drive home from the grocery
272. for the little bit of money left in my envelope
273. for the lesson that I learn from my children
274. for the opportunity to show grace and mercy, even in the midst of frustration
275. for a couple of “free” hours on a Sabbath afternoon to catch up on some sewing orders
276. for my family, who loves me even when I do ignore them
277. the Amazing Race is back on 🙂
278. extra snuggles from an 8 year old boy who still wants to try and sit in my lap
279. a husband who persists and persists and finally fixes the very, very clogged sink
280. the anticipation of another week for all of us at home, to move slowly before school starts again

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