31 days: pumpkins & ghosts

Day 3: Spooky Decorations for your front Yard

Our neighbor has these hanging plastic pumpkins and ghosts in their tree and my daughter has been begging to get some for our house. Ever the frugal one, I thought…we can easily make these.

The hardest thing about making these little guys was finding some cheap balls to put inside. Styrofoam isn’t cheap and I wasn’t going to pay $10 just to buy 8 balls of styrofoam. Then I thought, I’ll find some cheap whiffleballs. They aren’t cheap either. Try $3.50 for one! Then I found this pack of 12 tennis balls for $4.50 and voila…something reusable and finally cheaper.

hanging pumkins/ghosts

Here’s the how to:
First gather your supplies
balls of your choice
13″ squares of white and orange fabric
ribbon or string for hanging
sharpies for making faces
a tree 🙂

hanging pumkins/ghosts

Cut your squares to roughly 13″ and then fold in quarters to find the center and mark it.

hanging pumkins/ghosts

Measure your ribbon or string…we only did ours 13″ long because I was short on ribbon. You probably need it at least 18″ to have a good length for hanging.

hanging pumkins/ghosts

After you have the center marked, sew the ribbon on by hand or with machine. I’m sure you could do this a million other ways, but if you have access to a sewing machine, it’s the easiest/quickest way to go.

hanging pumkins/ghosts

Now you are ready to stuff with balls and decorate!

hanging pumkins/ghostshanging pumkins/ghosts

Put the ball in the center, wrap a rubberband just under the ball and find a couple of willing helpers to draw on some spooky faces.

hanging pumkins/ghosts

Hang in a tree and enjoy!


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