31 days of…


It’s only fair in my world that as I plan to do this once a day creative posting that I already change my little 31 days button!

But here it is.


My goal in these 31 days is to actually create some stuff. I’ve only been on Pinterest for a month or so and my boards are already overflowing, so this month is the month that I’m going to do more than pin and actually make.

What might you see during these 31 days?
Anything and everything.
From cooking to decorating to sewing projects to activities and crafts to do with your children.
I’ve got a handful of other things on the daisyeyes table that I’m also working on that will be sprinkled in.

So, bookmark or subscribe to daisyeyes so you won’t miss a single day.

As my button says: stop just watching the balloon, but hop in for a ride! For many people it’s risky to actually make what you see, but the view is so much better!

I’m blogging with a HUGE group of people for the next 31 days. You can find one the hosts here @ the nester, along with links to gobs of other people. If you found your way here through the links, please leave a comment so I know you stopped by!

Here’s what I’ve created so far:
Day 1: Introduction and my goal
Day 2: mr. bones (a felt skeleton for your front door)
Day 3: ghosts & pumpkins for your front yard
Day 4: The beginnings of a yarn wreath
Day 5: felt flowers for the yarn wreath
Day 6: the yarn wreath is complete!
Day 7: a fall snack mix
Day 8: creating a freezer inventory board
Day 9: our favorite bread recipe
Day 10: organizing the zoo in my daughter’s room
Day 11: part one of the kid’s bathroom re-do
Day 12: the bathroom AFTER
Day 13: decorating with flashcards: before
Day 14: the creating occurred, but the post didn’t happen (thankful for a little grace)
Day 15: the flashcards are up (the AFTER post)
Day 16: creating is…
Day 17: chocolate chip streusel bread
Day 18: crockpot applesauce
Day 19: the beginning of an embroidering (and a potential give-away!)
Day 20: a completed embroidery (and the teaser of a give-away in the next week!)
Day 21: when creativity goes bust (or sewing sparkly skirts for a friend)
Day 22: creativity is sometimes using what you’ve got
Day 23: a book sling
Day 24: reorganizing a bookcase/tv stand
Day 25: a turkey tee for my little turkey/chick-a-dee
Day 26: a giving thanks give-away
Day 27: give-away winner announced and homemade brown sugar
Day 28: a kitty cat costume
Day 29: norweigan pancakes
Day 30: gone missing
Day 31: give thanks banner

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  1. I wish I had the stamina and discipline to commit like you – see my post about facebook grade F! Excited to see what you come up with.

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