For many people their lives are framed by experiences or  pictures that they take and freeze in their minds.

My life is framed with words. Words that I hear the Lord speaking to me, a phrase repeated over and again.
Call it a breath prayer that is prayed over me by the Spirit Himself.

Where the words “let go” have framed the last few years of my life,
the word “RISK” is framing it now.

There are so many areas where I feel the Lord asking me to take a risk:
~ loving a friend whose daughter is having health issues
~ loving those at my children’s school who are different from me – oh so different
~ giving up on me providing any sort of financial support for our family
~ forgiving a church that continually bruises my heart
~ loving my husband to the edge of vulnerability
~ loving my children even in their sin
~ trusting the Lord as I take the space to write and create
~ being with other women

Risk incorporates:
me letting go of my expectations and trusting His. Seriously, fully and completely trusting His.
refusing to hibernate in my fear and grief and frustration and hurt
being vulnerable towards everyone around me
fully receiving the invitation to move within His frame
but knowing that I have nothing to give but what He gives me.

We can’t control or earn love, mercy and comfort – they are healing gifts that come when we have nothing to give.
A.A. Calhoun




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