an unfolding reality

I am reading Invitations from God by Adele A. Calhoun and it has already been such a blessing and changed so much of my thought processes.  The first chapter asks us to participate. It is a reminder that God doesn’t just wave a magic wand over us and “poof!” we are changed. It is a process that we must be a part of daily. My transformation isn’t complete because I said “yes” to God in tenth grade. It was merely the beginning. Jesus didn’t just say “yes” to the cross, He actually had to carry it and hang on it. The same is for me. I must continue to die daily to the things in my life that make me less like Him.

God invites us to change… “He works in our choices and desires as we respond to His invitation.”
He invites us to a life that is:
not static
a new start
lived in an unfolding reality
filled with taking up our cross and following Him.

Part of that daily cross for me is looking for the blessings, instead of the frustrations…

257. the choice of following Him
258. forgiveness when I don’t
259. campfires and smores
260. time with friends unknown
261. minnows caught by a little girl
262. crickets chirping at night
263. picking out paint colors for a house that is starting to look like a rainbow for all the choices
264. fall breaks from school
265. tiny dogs that we meet at the park
266. this amazing place that I live
267. tiny footsteps upstairs
268. extra time for snuggles
269. expectation
270. watching an embroidery “come to life”

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  1. What a lovely list. I especially love these:

    264. fall breaks from school
    268. extra time for snuggles

    Both involve my sweet little man whom I love dearly!!!

    Be blessed on this MULTITUDES ON MONDAYS day..

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