a sacrifice of praise

A sacrifice is a giving up something,
a death to something
A sacrifice of praise?

I read these words from Hebrews 13 this morning I immediately began to ponder…how does one sacrifice through praise? It seems wrong to put those two words in the same sentence.
But, praise is sacrifice.

It is a death to my will.
To my sinful tendency to focus all my thoughts on my wants and my desires
or to focus on the negative. To do nothing but the opposite of praise.
To grumble and complain and demand fairness.
It is a sacrifice to say “not my will but YOURS Lord!”

Oh that I would continue to be more consumed by Him.
That everything I touch…
steering wheels
and on and on and on
would be nothing more than a reflection of Him.

I pray that I would become
increasingly focused,
increasingly centered,
increasingly synoptic
with an ease and serenity
that only a “sacrifice of praise” can bring.

~ quote from Richard Foster

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