stop and start

We are made to stop and start.

From the beginning of creation, the Lord created space for us to just be.
To rest. To stop.
He continued that with the Psalms, instilling in them a place for the singer to stop. The Sela, a “meditative interlude” as Richard Foster defines.

This stopping is even more so defined during the Eucharist. This Communion with the Creator “forces us to keep coming back to the Great Sacrifice – Jesus’ body broken.” Not only does the Lord build into our lives a constant place to stop, amidst our constant going, he uses common, ordinary elements to bring us back to our Center in Him.

But, there is a strong temptation to always be “on” and available. Even when we are resting, we so easily fill our lives with noise. It is a devilish temptation that is working.

I am surrounded in my home by things that make me available to everyone at all times. And the guilt that can overtake me when I ignore those things is amazing. And as I fail in my attempt to take that “sela” I must keep going. Even as weeks go by and a practice that I had hoped to have made into a necessary habit has been ignored, I must pick it up again.

But that is grace. Grace is a circle that is unending. The knowledge that He is always there, always waiting and always standing ready for me to stop and listen. And then start again, closer to Him.

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