counting blessings…

From Alcoa Grasshoppers 2011

194. the beauty of something so amazing, yet so dangerous
195. the invitation to follow Him…that is so amazing, yet so “dangerous”
196. the releasing of a grudge held way to long. Letting it float away like these creatures.
197. the ability to just stand and watch something that lives so deep
198. the reality that my life in Him, should be as free as these creatures that just float with the currents

From Alcoa Grasshoppers 2011

199. time as a family exploring
200. time with family celebrating

From Alcoa Grasshoppers 2011

201. celebrating this boy…the one who surprises me all the time with his courage, wisdom, knowledge and perseverance
202. celebrating the blessing it is to be his mother
203. loving his words this morning…that I am his “girlfriend”
204. celebrating his forgiveness: that for as many times as I push to hard, sin against him and don’t love him well, he still loves, forgives and I am thankful that he is held in the palm of His hand and walks in the shelter of the great “I am”

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