vocabulary of a spiritual walk

running a race.

walking through the desert.


all these are words that I keep hearing and reading.

slow words.

words that mean effort & time.

words that are habit growing & discipline & maintenance.

i want a quick answer ~ a quick response.

but holy obedience doesn’t come quickly. it comes with time.

gardens don’t grow overnight and weeds come in quickly and can take over without even looking or trying.

walking into the holy of holies was a process. and while i am free to walk in now; the curtain has been torn…

in a split second, i alone will decide whether i will hold steady in the inner sanctuary of the heart
or rush out of the holy place, tyrannized by the urgent.

~ R. Foster

may your weekend be filled with slow moments.
moments that ignore the urgent.
moments that tend to the heart.

~ aimee

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