Oliver + S Ice Cream Dress

O+S Dress: Blue

I had my eye on this pattern for a long time before I finally broke down and bought it. Then it sat for a while on the sewing table and it’s taken me way longer than I would have liked to get these dresses done.I wasn’t sure about them as I was putting them together, if I would like how they look. But after I saw my chick running around in them, I decided I liked them a bunch.

O+S Dress: Paris

Overall the pattern is pretty simple for an O+S. I appreciate the way that she writes her patterns so that it leaves very few visual seams on the inside. Anything I’ve sewn by them makes such a great professional finish and I always end up learning a bunch as I go along.

O+S Dress: Paris back

This time, I learned to pay even closer attention when cutting out fabric than I normally do. You fold this fabric to cut out the pattern opposite what you would normally do. You don’t fold selvedge to selvedge, but rather top to bottom. I paid attention to the top layer, to make sure these Eiffel Towers were going the right direction, but didn’t think about the back. Oops. Therefore, this became my practice dress. I’m actually really glad I did two at the same time, because it gave me a chance to really think about what I was doing and practice before I did it on the other one.

I made the Paris version a little shorter than the blue one to make it a little less “dressy”.

O+S Dress: blue front

Overall, I would recommend this pattern. It’s well written and easy to understand and makes a pretty cute little dress that would work for kids from those very small to even an older age girl. It also has a version to just make a top also.

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