Progress on the Bottom Floor

We moved into our house almost 9 months ago and about a week after we moved in our sewer backed up into the basement. Everything that you see in the before pictures had to be cleaned out, moved somewhere else and then started the long (and I mean long) process of redoing the room. With the help of a tax return, some really awesome friends and a handy husband we are almost 95% back into this space. There is still some work (stair treads for one and some baseboard), but for the most part we are ready to roll. Here’s the latest pictures of our process:

Here’s the steps (and a closet in the background) before and after:
Basement Before

Basement After - almost

The little rounded “door” is a hide out for the kids. The plan is to make a “hobbit door” and the inside will be sheetrocked in. We are hoping to paint the walls white and have a bucket of sharpies available for the kids to each have a wall and then have a wall for their friends to autograph.


Here is the back wall with a door to the outside before and after:

Basement Before

Basement After




And here is my new sewing corner before and after:

My Sewing Spot Before

My New Sewing Spot

My New Sewing Spot

So my latest dilemma is how to store yardage that I don’t really need out and all my scraps. Hence the tubs in the corner. I went through and sorted out the scraps and yardage and now I have a lovely tower of tubs…any ideas on other, possibly more attractive, options?

The black squares is chalkboard paint. The bottom part is going to be fore the kids and the top for my sewing/crafting to-do list.  Once I buy the chalk that is 🙂

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  1. Wonderful transformations, Daisy!!!

    Love the color!

    So, I house my extra fabric in tubs too. I color code them and the tubs are hidden under my sewing table which I made a pieced skirt for. I also use a shelving unit for my current loves of fabric…

    I am sending you to a post I did about my studio a long time ago. Some things have changed in my order system, but for the most part, what you see in this post is still current:

    Keep up the great work!

    .mac 🙂

  2. looks wonderful Aimee. You are so organized! Now you can come do our basement. I don’t know where to begin after living in the same place for 32 years. Hard to throw stuff out and lots of memories to go with the stuff. I Need to remember it is just “stuff”. My fabric and crafting supplies are mostly in a tall chest of drawers that was mine as a baby. Not very practical cuz you have to dig thru the drawers. At least the tubs you can see into.

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