distraction and pursuit

~ from John 21

There they were, the Lord’s chosen, out on the water. Driven to distraction – possibly finding ways of comforting their souls – they went fishing.
But, nothing happens.
They sit with empty nets, but full and troubled minds. Dare they discuss the events of the last days?

Suddenly, someone appears on the shore. Deep within their distraction they miss it. How do their minds miss this memory of his appearing like this before? Then, their nets are full and the memory breaks free – distraction is broken – debris is removed and it is John who first realizes who this is.

Then we see Peter. Full of shame. He sees the Lord for the third time after his death – after Peter’s denial.
He knows he cannot hide from the Lord.
He knows how This man pursues.
He throws back on his shirt – as if this might help cover up the guilt and shame in his heart.
Peter feasts with his friends – with his Lord – all the while is he wrestling with this shame?

How sweet is our Lord to fill us. To feast with us and bless us, even in the pursuit of revealing our sins and our denials of Him.

The Lord draws Peter out.
Three times Peter denied.
Three times God deeply pursues into Peter’s heart…drawing out his guilt and shame.

How much does our Lord love us and woo us?
Despite our sin, guilt and shame He gives us what we need. He draws us out, draws out our sin.
He pursues us through joy and blessing, but also sorrow and brokenness.
And writes a new story on our hearts.

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