If there is one thing I appreciate most about our current church, it is their teaching and following of the church calendar. Growing up, I didn’t think much of Epiphany, Lent or any of the other “lesser known” church days; it was kind of Christmas and then Easter and that was it. I honestly think that Lent and the forty days leading up to Easter are my most favorite part of the church calendar.

This year for lent I am cleaning out my google reader. I have condensed what was filled with nearly 30 blogs to less than 10. I’ve found lately that I’ve been spending too much time making a list of tutorials or recipes and not enough time actually creating myself. I’ve found myself spending too much effort on reading about others lives and being frustrated because of their talents or mothering or experiences. Today the word “distraction” came clearly into my head. All these things I read aren’t bad, but they serve as a distraction from the talents that God has given me. So in the next forty days, I am committing myself to distracting myself with creating. Creating through sewing, journaling, writing, blogging, website developing…all these things that I’ve been wanting and needing to do but just let slide because it was so much easier to just sit and look at what everyone else was doing.

I also am working through what I would like Lent to look like for our family. We do have some traditions, which we’ll do again this year. And I’m reading through some new ones. Listed below are a few links that I’ve stumbled upon and would love to share.

A Lenten Reading guide put out by our church
The Piper’s (as in John Piper and his wife) and their Easter traditions
A Lenten devotional written by the Piper’s and a book by John Piper
A great post by one of my favorite bloggers with links to some other books
And an article that hit home by a friend of ours

I’ll leave you this Ash Wednesday with a quote from our church:

Welcome to Lent, the church’s springtime, when we grow up by growing down, down into reflection, repentance, and humble prayer. Ash Wednesday begins the season, as last year’s palm branches become this year’s ashes. Ashes stand as a common denominator for us all, symbolizing human frailty, spiritual brokenness and the need for repentance and healing. As we turn to him, May the Lord do as he has promised: May he raise the poor up from the dust and lift the needy from our pile of ashes. (I Samuel 2:8) And as we are filled with his mercy, may we become generous like our God, who is rich in mercy!

Happy Spring friends!

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