choosing good

Lord, in your mercy, I am being poured out.

My soul is being made bare through the release of
my fears
my anger
my worries
my plans
my control.

You are working all things together
for my good
for I do love you Lord
and I have no doubt been called by you
for YOUR purpose.

In this pouring out of those things that are not for my good
I am also learning what it is to pour out my thankfulness.

“Giving thanks for everything to God the Father”

with the knowledge that ALL things
or huge
are from Your hands.

In this pouring out
in this creating of space
You are growing within me
You are changing me
and as I am losing myself
I am finding You.

41. grace in that being late doesn’t mean I have to give up
42. a quiet morning
43. sweet morning moments with my husband
44. a cup of warm coffee as the morning sunrise
45. words from a little girl “look at the sky momma, it is all pink and blue”
46. more words from her mouth “God is everywhere and made everything”
47. time at my sewing machine
48. driving back to my house with still the amazement that this is where we live
49. bible study with new friends
50. 60 degree days in the middle of February

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