daisyeyes updates

some projects to come off the ironing board in the past few weeks. ticking off the list (just not quick enough!)

supergirl capes

a onesie for a not so new baby
monogrammed onesie: full name

showing off the new tags and ribbon
new tags + ribbon

And on another note
I’ve long struggled with the combination of my ramblings and my crafting on this blog. I’ve felt like it made it a bit too hod-podged and just not cohesive enough in my head. I’ve had this idea for a book in my head for a long, long time and I really wanted to start putting bits and pieces of it out there, but never felt like this would be the best place. I’m creating another space for me to just write and keeping this one just for crafting, creating and for whatever becomes of my attempt to make daisyeyes more of a business.

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