Things That are making me crazy…

1. Boxes

2. Trying to fit crazy-shaped toys into said boxes

3. Little chicks who, even after 3 1/2 years of quiet time don’t understand that it means you are supposed to be quiet!

4. People who send you documents to be signed asap, but don’t send the document and yet still expect the said document to be signed by both parties and faxed back asap

5. Silly people in my life who won’t drive their newly washed car out on the damp streets because it might get dirty

6. Having to renew my license plate tags and then turn around and get new ones from our soon to be new county in 30 days

7. People who leave their socks all over the house

8. Flies

9. A rooster who constantly pretends to have a horrible sore throat when we are deep in the midst of school work.

10. Really big dead trees that need to be cut down and a tree trimmer who is incognito

It’s been one of those crazy days where I think I’m spinning around and around and around and the fun isn’t over yet!

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