as I start day #3 of being home and schooling my children:

I must constantly remind myself that though the visible, tangible world is so insistent and clamorous in its demands, I must not let it badger me into spending my life unwisely. The results of living by God’s value system isn’t immediately apparent like clean windows or a newly papered wall. But years from now, by God’s grace, my time with God and my children will produce results brighter than sparkling windows. I must take the long view. I must choose to do those things which will give satisfaction as I view my life as a whole, rather than measure satisfaction at the end of each day.
~Jean Fleming from A Mother’s Heart

As I reflect on where we were last year and where the Lord has led us this year, I am amazed and overjoyed (and freaked out too!). He has given me something my heart longed for and despite the attacks of persistent doubts, I can’t help but know that we are doing what the Lord has called us and led us to. In that I take great strength and refuge.

In whatever the Lord has called you to today, praise Him for it and take heart in the big picture that He is creating with your life and the life of your children.

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