I have fond memories from first grade of crafting a valentine mailbox out of a shoe box, cutting a hole in it and covering it with fancy paper and waiting eagerly to get home to open up all my valentines from friends. (how is that for a run-on sentence?) But with my own kids, it has killed me to just buy the cheap little box of character valentines to pass out to friends. This year we got crafty and thankfully my children obliged me 🙂

For the boy, we made these little airplanes out of smarties, lifesavers and gum. The tails are courtesy of The Giver’s Log and he has been hard at work writing classmates names on the back of them. Come Thursday we will be hurridy taping tails on the planes.

Candy Airplane Valentine

Visions of Valentines

For the girl, I used Comic Life (if you have a mac you know this is the funnest program, if you don’t have a mac you need to leave the dark side and move over!) and created a funny picture of her. We taped the picture on little papers and she glued these foam hearts on the tops. For a three year old, this was the perfect craft and she had a blast (only got a little carried away with the glue!)

Girl's Valentine Backs

Girl's Valentine Tops

What do your visions of valentines look like?

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