Winter Embroidered Bibs

Winter Bibs

I had seriously hoped to have sewn at least 6 of these while on our drive down to Florida for Thanksgiving, but my sweet  daughter continuously demanded my attention elsewhere during our lovely journey (said with much sarcasm). Sadly I only completed these 2, but hope to have a third finished this week.
Nevertheless, I do love these two.

Here is Mr. Santa Penguin
Santa Penguin Bib

and Starry Snowman
Starry Snowman Bib

Winter Bibs (front/back)

The designs are from Homeberries and I ended up stitching them on muslin for a change and then backing them with chenille (which is insanely messy to cut and sew by the way!) Local? Find them at Jack and Jill in the near future!

Back to more sewing!!

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