Some Updates

We’ve been busy little beavers in this house the last week.

bathroom after

First, we finally finished the kid’s bathroom. I really wish I had some before pictures because the transformation is pretty awesome. The walls were blue with a yellow stripe right above the beaded board with the words to a hymn on it (All creatures of our God and king…). We had some of those cheap shelves above the toilet that you put up with the L-bracket and there was this horrid 1970’s medicine cabinet in the wall.

bathroom after

The mirror came with our master bath sink. We ended up buying a nicer mirror for the master bath and saving this one for the kid’s bath. The cabinet was a steal that I found at Target. It was on clearance for $30, but when I got to the register it was only $11! I was totally pumped. I’m really excited with how it turned out. The last thing we need to do in here is hubby is going to make some new doors for the cabinet.


DR before

I’m not sure what came over me, but I found this wallpaper and just had to put it in the dining room. After staring at it for nearly 6 years (and the horrible job that we did) I couldn’t take it anymore and started ripping it down.

DR after

This weekend I finally had the chance to prime and paint it. I can’t tell you how much I love it. Now I just need to find some new shades for the chandelier (any ideas?) and we also need to put down some hardwood (at some point) and this room will be done too!


quilt update 3

The birds are cut out and I’m hoping this week to start appliquing them on the circles. I’m moving along.

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  1. The bathroom looks great!!! We have the same shower curtain and love it! 😉 You have a knack for finding some amazing deals! The dining room transformation was pretty straight forward but it sure did have a huge impact again looking great!!! The quilt is lovely! I am still just staring at the fabric a little nervous to cut into it…someday!

  2. Love the bathroom. It looks really polished! And the dining room looks nice too. Keep up the great work. We’re planning a trip to Ikea soon (maybe next Monday). I’ll have to send before and after pics too!

  3. The bathroom was cute before, but it looks elegant now! Nice update! I always liked your wallpaper in the dining room, but I like the paint better. It looks very clean. I like the lampshade look on the chandelier. What about just changing the lampshade color to your accent color for a little pop? Or, even less expensive, what about painting the chandelier black or dark brown then your current shades would pop. Now, I am pulling out my HGTV’s Design on a Dime tips!

    I love the quilt!

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