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I stumbled upon this link from another blog I read. I think so much of what she expresses is SO true! Women (which becomes amplified as mothers) are SO hard on each other!  While women can usually make talk with anyone, it is the being real factor that is impossible for us. In so many ways I think Blogworld has contributed so much to these stresses too. If I spend my days behind these four walls, dealing with all the mundane things of keeping a house and raising children and my only “escape” is reading about others lives it becomes almost impossible not to feel some sort of frustration, discontent or just confusion.

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  1. Getting out helps, doesn’t it? I agree that being confined to the routine and regimine of “the house” can bog you down. Especially when you rely on your computer for almost all adult interaction even if it is words on a screen that you are reading.

    The other day it was FREEZING here. I mean probably mid to upper 30’s. I couldn’t take it anymore. The boys and I bundled up and headed to the park to play and just “be gone.”

    Can I tell you we were the only ones there for a full hour of play?

    And it felt divine…freezing…but divine.

    Today has been a get gone day in the rain too.

    It replenishes the soul to let laundry go, skip the routine, and just hang out elsewhere.

    How’s that quilt a comin’?????

    .mac 🙂

  2. “Real” friendship is rare to come by…but that is when the “real” factor comes into play and actually takes place. Women are likely to be very hard on other women…hence the birth of the term “catty”. So many try to be something they are not to impress other women or to hide what goes on behind their closed doors…I think that is rooted in jealousy, discontent and insecurity of those who develop those traits. Discontent runs amuck when we forget to be thankful for the daily blessings God bestows on us. These blessings are so easily recognized if we just keep our eyes on Him and not on what the world says we should be or have to be successful. All the things the world offers to make us have “Better Homes and Gardens” are a true slippery slope…and a never ending one. The “Jone’s” are probably in dire need of one of Mr. Obama’s bailouts, because keeping up appearances is costly and far exceeds the limitations of the average paycheck. I guess it all boils down to priorities…and how we have them arranged. God really does take care of us when we commit our lives to Him. I love Romans 8:28…I’ve seen it tried and proven over and over in our lives.

    Good thoughts.

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