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As if I need to add anything else to my plate in life, but this is something I’ve been wanting to do.

I don’t know that I’ve mentioned much in these space that I work part-time for my church as the Coordinator of Children’s Ministry. Part of my job is organizing people and spaces and the other part is developing curriculum for the children in our church. The organizing people part has stretched me beyond belief, but the writing curriculum part I could do all day long; I love it. There is a huge lack of really good, Christ-centered and scripture rich curriculum out there for churches. I pick and choose much of what I use and lots of it I’ve just developed myself.

I’ve wanted to start another blog just to keep all that organized and also to offer it to others. And to be honest, I love sewing and crafting and creating, but nothing gets me more excited than researching and planning how to teach something. This is truly my heart and I’m excited to start this little side venture. Not that daisyeyes will diminish at all, I still have tons of stuff to create and show off for sure!

So go check it out!

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