An Upgrade

Apparently if you are a girl you are not in need of a good, functional and warm hoodie sweatshirt. I searched high and low at Target for a nice, warm, thick hoodie for my little chick and found nothing.

flower hoodie before

I happened upon this navy one in the boys clearance section and grabbed it up.

flower hoodie front

flower hoodie back

After a little applique, voila! A cute, warm and functional hoodie for my sweet girl!

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  1. You know, I wondered the same thing. I came close to buying one myself, but thought that I needed to dress her “cuter”. What an awesome idea!

    (when you need to declutter, feel free to pass it along:)

  2. I always have that problem with Target. There is never a “plain” anything in the girl sections. I dont want my girls to be clad in Dora….
    I think you did a fantastic job, love the polk-a-dot fabric.

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