A Tale of Two Girls

Once upon a time there were two girls. They shared the same name, had many of the same interests, were incredibly different in personality (one outgoing, the other a bit more introverted) and spent truly every day of 3 years together.

Then they drifted apart. One went her way and the other another. They couldn’t seem to help each other the way they needed to and the friendship evaporated.  One girl always knew knew they would be friends again. It seemed impossible. The fathom too wide to cross and so many, many things had happened to each other to make it seem ridiculous to even hope.

Then comes 2008. The two girls connect again via the internet (go figure) and it seems like that closeness, that place they used to be as friends would never happen again. Too much history in between them to make it work. But one night, one girl is able to share words that had been on her heart for nearly 15 years. Words that had settled there and taken root way down deep in the hopes that the sweet flower of friendship would bloom again.

And now the girls will be close again. Who knows what will happen? Who knows what might or might not blossom or what the bloom might even look like? But one girl is realizing how amazing the Lord is…who gives and takes and sometimes even gives back.

This girl has been blessed beyond measure with the amazing sisterhood of friendships that sweet Jesus has given her, but this one friendship had a wound so deep and yet so hopeful that one day we might be together again.

Sisters again.

Raising our children together

and the realization that the Lord has answered this old, old prayer is hitting me between the eyes.

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