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I mentioned earlier this week that when I went on my little walk on Saturday, I went a little crazy with the camera and trees. I don’t know if it was because there was really nothing else to take pictures of (it is the dead of winter!) or if it was because of the crazy trees I saw while I was up there.

I’ve already posted about this crazy tree vine thing shaped like a heart:

heart tree

And look at these trees all entwined together. It reminds me of the ending of Prince Caspian (oh how I LOVE that movie!) and Aslan speaks or blows or something and the trees unwind and show the passage back out of Narnia.

knit together

Then I saw this one. It has always amazed me how trees can just grow in the oddest ways…always straining and seeking to find some bit of sunlight.

bending toward the sun

Last I was enamored with this tree. Maybe it was the moss? Maybe it was the way it looked as if it had toes just reaching out into the ground? I don’t know, but I liked it.

mossy tree

mossy tree feet

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  1. You know, I find myself fascinated by the weirdest things to photograph at times and have such a blast finding ways to take photos of them.

    These photos are really cool. Love the first one, especially. It shows you are open to being observant and that is an awesome skill for a photographer to have.

  2. Visiting from PhotoStory Friday!

    These are some great interesting photos! I would have gone crazy too! Great eye for the unique! I particularly like the heart tree!

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