Another Birthday Gift

cars sketchbook and pencil roll

We have another birthday party tonight and so I held back one of my pencil rolls from the craft fair a few weeks back and made another sketchbook. This one didn’t turn out like what I had pictured in my head and I’ve also discovered that JoAnns doesn’t have the scrapbook selection (at least for boys) that Hobby Lobby has.

cars sketchbook

These Cars stickers were all that I could find there…pretty bummed about that. But hopefully he’ll like it nonetheless.

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  1. I love the sock monkey fabric! Gina’s has a sock monkey fabric book about monkeys jumping on the bed and it is adorable. My sister will definitely get it, b/c she was the queen of jumping on the bed and busting out teeth. Hmmm. Maybe she is a cross between Humpty Dumpty and the sock monkeys.

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