At What Point?

At what point do I let fear, pessimism and lack of utter control take over? My parents are rather pessimistic people. They are realists and for their benefit have seen much more in their nearly 70 years than I have experienced for sure. I had a discussion with my sweet dad last night about if we are prepared for this economic crisis to get worse? Are we prepared for what would happen if my  husband lost his job (he is in civil engineering and is all about site development…i.e. no loans for companies to develop land and no need for engineers to design). So after talking to him, I kind of started panicking.

But the difference between my parents and I is our faith. I have tried to put my arms around more jobs for myself and I truly believe that God has shut those doors. For some reason, I am where I am. I have the jobs I have and apparently need to just trust in Him and focus on the jobs that He has given me. My husband works for an amazing company. Not to say that he wouldn’t get laid off (he is one of the newer employees) but I can’t focus on that.

The last hour I have worried and strategized about how to find another job. How to work around my kids schedules and lives and get back into the work force full time. And all it has done is create a panic in me. It reminds me that our sweet God watches over even the birds.  Even though He doesn’t promise that the worse won’t happen to us, He does promise not to give us more than we can handle and that He will provide for our needs no matter what.

I pray that this day I will cling to that promise and not to pessimism and my desire for control.

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  1. I’m standing on those promises, too! Even though I’ve failed Him many times, God has never failed me or failed to keep the promises He made.

    These are troubling times, and I understand why your parents are so concerned. Our country is in deep trouble and too many Americans are sound asleep.

    Regardless…God is just as in control today as He was when He spoke this world into being.

    Keep the faith and continue looking for the appearing of the Lord.

  2. I really agree with this! My husband has had a couple of career changes due to the economy (real estate agent and financial advisor) and now he is a conductor on the railroad. It’s not a dream job but we are just so thankful to have it and food on the table! Thank you for a post full of faith and for commenting on my blog!

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