Some Finished Projects

space case shirt

While I was freezing my patootie off at the market this weekend, I actually finished this turtleneck I had been working on. It is from Jennie Baer’s Homeberries and is called Space Case. Her patterns are all so cute.

rocket flames (homeberries)

I tried something different with the flames and mixed two orange strands with one red and really love how it turned out.

prayer onesie

The latest project I finished last night. It was a custom order from etsy (how awesome is that!?). The recipient’s name begins with an “s” (hence the large S) and the customer requested something along the lines of being an answer to prayer and this is what I came up with.

miracle bum

I used the new 100% linen floss that DMC has put out and love how it turned out. It is a bit more picky to stictch with, but looks really cool. Hope she likes it!!

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  1. Love it!! Really – that’s awesome…..makes me really want to learn how to do all that myself. Yeah – cuz I have time. Ugh.

    Thanks a million!! And thanks for getting it done so fast!

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