To Market, To Market


This morning was my first attempt, experience, whatever at being a craft vendor. Kudos to all those who do this every week! Wow! It was a great experience, I made some good contacts (I hope) and made a little money (always good!) and got a little bit of sewing done too. I think I had some good, positive feedback and hopefully will be invited back again, although I think it might be next spring when the market opens again.


All that was left (minus some custom stuff) is making it’s way to the boutique in town. My inventory has been SO long there so this Farmer’s Market has been great incentive to build up my supply. Until next market time, I am so happy to have this off my to-do list and so very happy to get working on some new dresses for my little chick and some other “fun” stuff.


Stay tuned for some new projects hopefully coming in the next couple of weeks!

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  1. YAY~ Your set up looks so nice. I hope you had a good time. How many people attended? Was it the first one they had?

    Takes a lot of energy, huh?! Glad it went well. hugs!

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