Ahh….Finally some clearing


After a pretty rough week for me (and a near panic/anxiety attack yesterday in the car….long story), I told my sweet hubby that today I was going to do nothing but fun things. And I did! I took the boy to school,  walked with my baby girl this morning, played with her at the park, went to Bible study, came home and put the baby to bed and did some sewing. What a relief to have cleared off at least one looming project on one end of my ironing board. Now for the other end! 🙂


I made up some of these little clutches that I had made a while back. They are from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules Sewing, but I altered them a little this time. I used iron-on interfacing instead of flannel lining. I didn’t like how bulky they felt (maybe I used the wrong stuff?) and this time I am very pleased with how they turned out. But I find it strange for someone who LOVES the feel of a needle in her hand doing embroidery, I absolutely HATE sewing on buttons (and I stink at it too!)

These are to add to my Farmer’s Market stash. Come visit me next weekend out in Farragut at the Market if you live around these parts!

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  1. I love your clutches. I need to get that book. It may be the one I asked my favorite sewing shop keeper to order for me.

    Anxiety attacks are the pits! I have them occasionally on a small scale…that gnawing feeling of doom…and can’t figure out why most of the time. I’ll be praying you won’t have a repeat.

    I hope you do well at the market. That sounds like great fun!

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