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You know, the call to vulnerability comes in many different forms. We must open ourselves up to others when we’ve been hurt by them and in those times when we’ve hurt others. The ability to forgive, at least to start the process of forgiving, comes only when we open ourselves up. Like the definition says, we are opening ourselves up to the possibility of being hurt even worse, but nevertheless we are called to do this.

I am learning daily through my interaction with my son how this works. The older he grows, the more I realize that he and I butt heads because we are so much alike. We respond to struggles exactly the same. We are not vulnerable with each other. We are struggling to find that place where we can respond to each other peacefully and with honest love. Not hiding because of past responses towards each other, but being wide open. It kills me when he responds to be with unkindness and I struggle with moving back towards him after he does this. It is the same for him. When he’s been caught and in trouble, it takes him minutes upon minutes to be able to come back to me. He and I are learning about being vulnerable with each other.

Vulnerability comes with stepping out in faith. It comes when we know we must follow a path that might be hard or challenging or even filled with joy. It just comes purely from stepping out into the unknown.

Vulnerability comes from letting others love us, compliment us, criticize us and hold us accountable.

This is where I feel myself being called to change.

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  1. our children teach us so much. i think of the way I treated my mom and thought of her while I was growing and imagine how hurt I’d feel if my child felt that way about me (and I’m sure someday she will). i thought at my age, my mindset was inflexible, but kids have a way of re-shaping us.

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