Montessori Wannabe


In all my blog reading and surfing I always find myself drawn to those blogs that end up being Montessori or Waldorf driven. I really think it is the activity-based special ed teacher in my coming out. But, as much as I love to see what these amazing moms are doing with their children, I admit little of it happens in my house.


I do think that as my little Chick gets older, I will find myself doing more of these sorts of things with her than I did with my son. Partly because I’ve been home with her (I worked most of my Little Rooster’s young years) and partly because she actually thrives on that kind of interaction (my son is horrible at working with me! Nothing like he is when he is at preschool with his teachers. He’d rather be playing with cars or crashing things up)


Yesterday, tired of her at my feet while I was trying to make dinner, I remembered something like this I had seen on a blog. Take some beans, a muffin pan, a few things to scoop with and you have a hit. She played with this for a good 20-30 minutes while I was busy in the kitchen (even her nearly 5 year old bro liked it too!)

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