For When We Have a Spare $10K

I was reading through our AAA magazine and there was this article about the GrandLuxe Rail Journeys and we were talking about how that would be the most awesome 15 or 20 year anniversary trip (yes that is 4-9 years away but we are dreaming here!). So, while my hubbie and son are out at the big downtown fireworks, baby is sleeping and I’m sitting in shock at the computer at the prices! The trips start at about $5K per person and that is for a crazy, crazy small cabin. Now mind you, this includes lodging, gourmet food, tour guides etc. But please! We could probably go to Europe for that much! 🙂

But, alas. I’ll still sit here and dream.

This is the tour we would do:

Of course we would stay in the best suite they offer:

Here’s a video of the ride and views we would have.

But look at these pictures. This cracks me up. Not one picture on the website shows a person under like 60 or 70. I suppose it does take a while to amass enough wealth to afford one of these trips! 🙂 I don’t think we would fit in!

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