Superheroes in the Making

I had my first custom client from my items at the boutique request a cape. This one ended up being navy blue on the outside and red on the inside with a big “R” for Ryan.
The second was a cape I made for one of our dear friends. He is turning five tomorrow actually and is a crazy Star Wars fan (like son like father!) so his cape was blue on the outside and Star Wars on the inside with a giant “E” for Ezra.

I’m thinking that this is going to be my first “clothes” sewing item that I leave up in the boutique. I have hesitated to put items out there that I have machine sewn (aka clothes) just because I don’t feel like I’m really there as a seamstress (ready to sell clothes I’ve made) so I’m going to start easy with the capes. I want to make a girl one too.

My poor little man is so sad though. He has now watched me make 3 capes and yet still has to be satisfied with running around in those for a few days before we pass them along to our friends. He’s got a cape coming soon I promise!

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  1. Ezra loves his cape! It is darling. You did such a great job on it. I am thoroughly impressed. I’ll get a photo with him and post it on my blog this week.

    You could really sell those like hotcakes. I like how the inside is customized for our little Star Wars geek.

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