Here is my current dilemma:

Is it more stressful to stay at home with your children, struggling financially and deeply in debt trying desperately to make ends meet OR to be grateful for the 18 months that I’ve been able to be at home with my second child (and first too) but to go back to work full time in order to get out of debt quicker and also be more financially sound?

I know these years with my children so young are fleeting and I won’t get them back. But the stress that we are under financially some days makes me wonder if going back to work full time wouldn’t be the better option for all of us. I have done it before. I went back to a part time position at 7 weeks with my first and then full time with him when he was one. My daughter is now 18 months and this fall will be nearly two. I will have spent more time at home with her than I ever got with my son and she will be entering that age where it is almost good for her (or at least easier to justify) to be socially around other children in a preschool like setting.

I don’t know. But these are my thoughts and the joy of this blog is that I have a place to speak them! đŸ™‚

More thoughts on this dilemma:

Hours later after I’ve written this post, I begin to really think about what the Lord has placed on my heart to do; the desire He’s put in my heart. I truly want to sew and create. I truly want to become a more advanced seamstress and pursue this growing passion I have to make handmade things for people. I know this opportunity with the boutique was truly God given. In this town, it is amazing that I was able to get to her first and have my things there. It is already amazing the comments and compliments and requests that I have gotten in only 3 weeks. Nothing overwhelming, but just encouraging. I know I could do this and make it a good very part time business. And I know my husband does not want me back in the classroom again. It is just that lure of money and the lure of having a quick fix for a tough situation that take my eyes of of the path that the Lord has put us on and onto the path that so easily deceives.

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  1. Girl you have guts. I was just scrolling down checking out all your handmade/stitched items. It would take a lot before I could get up enough nerve to sell at a boutique. There was a craft show on our military base (we live overseas) and I took some pillowcase dresses to sell. Oh my goodness it was nerve racking. Thankfully I sat next to some nice women who helped break the ice.

    I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do. BTW, our babies are right at the same age. My daughter just turned 18 months on the 24th.


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