Changing What We Eat

I posted recently about how I’ve started adding purees to some of our foods and wanted to share a couple of other things we are doing around here lately.

Green Tea

I love to drink tea, but I am a straight up black tea drinker. I honestly can’t stand the taste of green tea, but I know that it is SO good for you. Well, while reading this book it mentioned halving your juice with green tea. Little Rooster has never been much of a juice drinker, but his little sister is. I have started making very diluted green tea and then instead of watering her juice down with plain water I have started using the green tea. She doesn’t seem to notice the difference and I feel a little better about her drinking juice (even if it is 100% fruit juice it’s still full of sugar!) Now that summer is upon us, we’ll start having iced tea more too and for Memorial Day I made some and made it with 2 iced black tea bags and one green tea bag. (I have to put a tease in here to my friend CJ…especially since it’s her bday soon…it’s not a green smoothie, but at least it is green!)

Almond Butter:

Little Chick can’t do peanut butter (very, very bad allergic reaction to granola bars with PB in them scared the pee out of me!) but she can do tree nuts. I tried soy nut butter, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it and it did taste kind of strange. My brother told me to try almond butter and it is really good. She has tolerated it fine (no more purple hives and swollen faces/ears!) and that has helped solve the lunch problem here. I’ve also started using it on Little Rooster’s PB sandwiches too, just mixing the two together. It’s not at all sweet, so if you are used to PB I recommend trying it this way. It’s really good and gives it a little crunch. (and it’s pretty healthy too!)


I’ve never been really on top of snack times in our house. I’ve kind of let it be child-led, which I realized was often the reason for some of our many tantrums. So, 10:00 has become the snack time. We stop whatever we are doing, have some snack and then go about our business. I also have tried to keep a box of snacks in the pantry for my son. It is currently filled with bags of cookies (thanks nana!) that aren’t so healthy. But usually has fruit snacks (fruitabu and the dye filled spiderman snacks), raisins and sometimes crackers in packages. I’ve also tried keeping yogurt easily accessible too. If only I could be better about chopping up veggies and keeping them in the fridge!

Our Dream Gift:

On another food note, I was looking through Sur La Table last night (heavenly!) and found this little accessory that my husband and I are dreaming of owning. Who wouldn’t want their own soft serve ice cream maker? Awesome! If only I could find $100 laying around the house to toss away! 🙂

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  1. I’ve got the perfect solution!!!!! You can make a green smoothie but instead of adding water to it, you can add green tea! I may have to actually try that! We are totally coming over for dessert when you get your ice cream soft serve thing. Where in the world would you store that thing?

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