What Little Chick Has Taught Me

I have a very one track mind. I can balance many things, but when I am in the middle of something (even as mundane as folding clothes) I do not want to be bothered until I am finished.

My son tends to be extremely independent. He always has been. Even as a baby, I could lay him on the floor with toys and he would be content to lie there for a really long time and “play”. He would stand in the exersaucer for a long time, happy as ever. Even now, he can play for a very long time in his room.

My daughter, on the other hand, has rocked my world. She is everything that her brother is not and the one thing that she has taught me (and I know this is sent straight from the Lord) is how to stop what I’m doing (no matter what) and be with her. She is cuddly and needs cuddles and loving many times throughout the day. She will walk up to you with her blankets and thumb in her mouth and just stand there, holding on to your legs until you pick her up and just hold her.

This has driven me mad from day one (not the cuddling mind you, but the fact that she can’t wait until I’m ready), but it dawned on me the other day what was happening. If I ignore her and attempt to finish whatever I’m in the middle of, she gets very upset and then I get doubly frustrated. If I stop and take that 15 minutes with her, she is content and happy again (usually!) and then we can both go about our business.

So, I’m learning to stop. I’m learning to give up my intentions, my plans and my wants and give.

Isn’t it amazing the things that a 17 month old child can teach you?

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