Calling All Readers

I have not a clue who all reads this crazy blog of mine, but if you do I want your help! Remember these onesies? Well, I’m going to meet with the lady in town that wants to put some of my embroidered goods in her shop and I am at a loss as to how to package these onesies. They need to be packaged in such a way that people can see them (front and back) but also can take them straight from the store to a party. Any thoughts…oh you people in blogland?

(I’ve got two crazy, creative, wonderful friends already brainstorming this, but figured it wouldn’t hurt to get some more ideas!)

One thought on “Calling All Readers

  1. Little clear bags tied with ribbon or cheaper use raffa (spelling???). (Like kids party bags from a birthday) Fold the shirts so you can see the front and when you turn over the bag to look at the price – you could see the cute little back.

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