A Fresh Start

Sorry for the silence this week; especially since that last post! We have been on a big vacation to the beach with friends. I’ve come to the realization that vacation with a 16 month old is hard..good, but hard. This season of life we are in is just difficult and tiring (and joyful!) and that doesn’t change no matter where you are in the world.

What I am realizing as we are heading back to “real life” is that what a vacation does give you is a fresh start. It gives you the chance and the time to reflect on things at home, away from those things and then figure out what you want to do with all those reflections.

I’ve been reading Amanda Soule’s book The Creative Family and I was so worried that it would make me feel more stressed about all the things that I’m not doing with my kids, but instead I closed it today and felt refreshed. It has given me new insight into the direction I really want to go as a mom and I’m thankful for that.

It’s been a good week.

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