There is a store in our town that I’ve been dying to get to for over a year called Steve and Barrys. It is totally not convenient to my house and it took some careful planning to get out there today. I wrapped up a trip to the ultimate clothing store, the downtown library and a picnic at the park and fountains today. Whew! I am exhausted, the Little Rooster is exhausted, but as usual the Little Chick is up and running like mad around the house. (ugg!)

The store has a line by Sarah Jessica Parker and basically nothing in the store is over $15. Right now they are running a special where everything is $8.98 or less. It totally reminds me of my first experience many, many, many years ago at an Old Navy…only Old Navy is nothing like it used to be. Granted I would love to go back and browse around w/o kids, but overall it truly was a great little trip to clothing heaven 🙂

Here’s what I got for my $58:

2 shorts for hubbie

1 pair of swimtrunks for hubbie

1 dress for Little Chick

1 sleeveless T for Little Rooster

1 t-shirt for me

1 pair of shorts for me

You can’t even do that at Target!!!

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