The foot is doing better, still not well enough to run and all that, but much better than when I did my original post.

But now I’m sick. I have this horrible cold/sinus thing starting. I was so worried I had the flu, but I think that it is really just a bad cold. I hate, hate, hate being sick and this feeling of such tiredness! Both of my kids have been fighting this off for a week or so too.

Here’s hoping the next time I post that we will all be healthy.

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  1. Sorry that you aren’t feeling well…and just hope you all are doing better soon..! Do you have any Elderberry Tea? That is such a good herb to have around…very good for flu and cold symptons.

  2. you know, i used some of that aromatherapy eucalyptus spray that jenn gave me…i sprayed it in my shower right before i got in and it really helped clear things up at least for a little bit.

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