33 Things

In honor of my 33rd birthday, I thought I would challenge myself to write 33 things I love and I’m thankful for:

1. of course I have start out with saying I’m thankful for Jesus

2. my husband

3. my 2 silly children

4. my parents and the support they give us in so many different ways

5. jennifer, christy, april, beth, francie, ashley and all the other amazing women that God has brought into my life

6. the smell of my little girl’s neck first thing in the morning

7. floating in a swimming pool

8. a cup of coffee in the morning

9. a quiet morning with coffee and a great book

10. a kiss from my sweet hubbie

11. wondering who my little boy is going to pretend to be today

12. a cup of tea in the afternoon

13. a visit to the library

14. a visit to the bookstore

15. sitting and looking at patterns and the joy of a stack of new fabric waiting to be sewn

16. music

17. playing the piano and actually getting all the notes right!

18. taking a walk in the evening with my family

19. taking a walk by myself

20. a picnic by a quiet mountain stream

21.  remembering the days my children were born and that amazing rush

22. lying in bed at night just rehashing the day with my hubbie

23. cruising the internet

24. coloring with my little girl

25. hearing all the funny little words that my little girl is saying (“messy, messy, messy” is my favorite)

26. shopping with my mom and/or a friend

27. sitting at a coffee shop with old friends (and new friends)

28. watching my little boy as he plays

29. listening to my little boy play and all the funny and sweet things he says

30. my church and all the things that I’ve learned, experienced and been challenged with

31. the sound of birds chirping in the morning

32. laying in bed in the morning (before the little rooster comes in a bounces on the bed and/or the little chick starts yelling “down”)

33. hearing the word “momma” from my sweet children

I have to brag on my husband. He let me sleep in this morning, got the kids up, fed them breakfast, went to Panera and got me a bagel (yummy!) and took the little rooster to school. What a great way to start the day!

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  1. Happy birthday!!

    What a great way to start your birthday. I need to stop and make lists of the things I am thankful for too, birthday or not.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! Wish we could take you out to Little Joe’s. I know how much you love that place. I am sure you have been there a ton even though we don’t live there anymore! Have a happy day! I am excited to have made your list (or at least I am going to pretend that the Christy on the list is me 🙂 Please don’t tell me otherwise!

  3. Happy belated birthday to you Aimee…! I loved reading all of the things you are thankful for! We all should have lists like that to reminds us when things aren’t so rosy…

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