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Over the last year I have really began to fall back in love with sewing and crafting. I did a bunch of sewing in college and early in our marriage, but as I graduated from college and went out into the “real” world, all of my crafting really hit the back burner. Since I’ve been able to stay at home this time around, I’ve really come to find sewing and crafting as a great escape and place of expression.

What I’ve also figured out is how incredibly gifted my Grandmother Ida was. My grandmother Ida lived in Oregon and was from that generation of immigrants who took every scrap of anything and made something amazing from it. I was very lucky as a kid and was able to go visit her many, many times growing up (even though she lived on the opposite coast) and I do have a ton of memories of her. I also have a ton of awesome quilts, blankets, dolls and a million other things that she has created that were mine when I was young and I’ve now been able to pass down to my little chick. Over the last few months as I’ve started digging out more and more of my bigger girl toys for little chick, I’ve become overwhelmed with amazement at her talent and gratitude to my parents for saving all this stuff.

The pictures above show me and my Grandmother at her house in Oregon and the other is a picture of me with 3 of the giant dolls she created. The Annie doll on the right is the most amazing. She not only sewed the doll, but made a whole wardrobe of clothes for her that matched many of the clothes in the movie.

I only hope that in the years to come that I’ll be able to create things half as awesome as her to continue this great heritage for generations of our family to come. I surely hope she is smiling down in heaven as I sit at my sewing machine and think of her.

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  1. Your comments remind me of my Mom’s thoughts about her grandmother. Her grandmother taught her to sew and craft and developed a love for it within her heart. She has such fond memories of it. And now, she (my Mom) is so talented and has lovingly made such wonderful things for CG and HJ that they treasure (the most current being multiple custom pairs of pajama pants in all their favorite characters/sports teams).
    I know when your daughter is a little older she will begin to appreciate and treasure what you are doing, just as I do with my Mom (even though I don’t really have the desire to sew). I treasure so much the things my Mom has created for my kids more than anything! My Mom is hoping this desire to sew and craft skips generations in our family, since her Mom had no desire to sew. She is hoping to teach CG.

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