Happy Valentine’s Day


Being a crafty sort of person, you would think that I would really like Valentine’s Day. It sort of lends itself as being a crafty holiday. But I sort of view the holiday with a bit of a bah humbug attitude. I love my husband, but this day puts so much pressure on him (and all men) and he usually ends up trying too hard. I would so much rather have a small token of love on a regular average day, than some big gift on a day when you are supposed to give a gift.

All that said, I am sorely lacking in my desire to do anything for Valentine’s Day myself. I just couldn’t seem to get myself motivated to make crafts for my kid’s or with my kid’s. I just thought, little man has a party at school to celebrate and little chick is too young to know the difference…so why bother?

So yesterday, feeling guilty and pressured by societal norms, we trekked to the bookstore and I purchased a funny calendar for my sweetie and a sweet book for each of my kids and hopefully we’ll have time to make some heart shaped cookies this afternoon. So even though I tried hard to forgo the holiday, I just couldn’t do it.

Happy Love Day!

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  1. Even when we aren’t sick, KJ and I don’t do much for Vday either. It all seems a little forced and commercial to us too! Don’t feel guilty there isn’t anything wrong with that (in my opinion anyway!)

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