Darn Those Plastic Grocery Bags

I am in a constant competition to be more creative and more crafty and more artsy than my best friend. (Which will never, ever happen because she is the ultimate in talented. While I may look crafty and creative…she is AMAZING!.)

Anyway, she has been posting on her blog about making reusable bags for groceries. I LOVE the idea…in fact I have one that I paid 99 cents for at our local natural food store and as much as I love the idea…the bag is still sitting in the back of my car. I have yet to use it again. (“humph” goes my husband and taller and taller grows the stack of plastic grocery bags in our garage)

But, with all these great tutorials and ideas out there, who can resist the temptation? Check out her reusable bag that she crafted (and some good pointers about plastic lunch boxes…scary!) and follow these links for some other ideas.

Pillowcase Bag

Bags from a sheet

JennyDee the ultimate

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  1. Thanks, Aimee!! I didn’t realize you were talking about me (were you?!). You spur me on and I’ve realized that you create motivation for me by your coolness. Thanks ~ blush~

    I will make you a bag. I have yet to test them because we have been broke as a joke and don’t even have cereal, bread, eggs OR milk. Payday is tomorrow!! Praise God! He always provides what we need, not always what we want (Thai food). 🙂 Can’t wait to try them out.

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