DIY: ikea hack work table + a studio tour

Gratitude board in the kitchenFor the past 2+ years I had been working all of my etsy business in our dining room due to a flood in our basement. About half way through realizing that it was going to take us a while to get the basement back in working order, we took a trip to Ikea and I purchased some expedits in order to get myself a little more organized. I knew that eventually when I was able to move back downstairs I would use these as the basis for my work table. Fast forward to a few months ago and the basement was finally pretty much complete and I was able to start moving back in (hear the angels sing!). building a work table

My original hope was to line these shelves up next to each other, put them up on casters and then lay an unfinished door on the top for a large workspace. We researched a bunch of different options for casters and ended up buying some locally at a small hardware store in town. We opted for a size a little larger than we probably needed to give it some good heft and also because in all honestly the basement might very well flood again and I wanted everything elevated off the floor.

building a work tableBecause we went with a larger caster and because of the height of the 2×4 that we used to attach them to the base of the shelves, we ended up not being able to use the door as a work surface. All of that together made the table too high with the door on top. My handyman husband pre drilled holes in the base of the shelves to attach the 2×4 to. building a work table

Screwed the 2×4 to the shelves – basically pulling them together and then attached the casters to the 2×4.

UntitledWe talked through a lot of different options in order to make a larger workspace on top, instead of just using the dimensions of the two shelves, but honestly I’ve been working for the past couple of months just on top of the shelves and it’s been working just fine. I laid out my cutting mats and got busy. Untitled

I can’t even begin to express what a joy it has been to be back down in my own space. To be able to lay out all my projects and not have to clean them all off the table so we can eat dinner has been amazing for my cluttered brain. I’ve even been able to teach a few classes in this space and it’s been amazing.


My kids also have their own art space. This is still a work in progress as we try to figure out the best way to set it all up. I got this drawer cabinet from my neighbor who was tossing it out of his garage. It sat in our basement for almost a year while I tried to figure out what to do with it. I finally decided to paint it and use it as storage for markers, paint, crayons and other art stuff. I am hoping to add some labels and also figure out a way to display art that they are working on up on the wall. And I’ve got to figure out some good storage for all the papers and coloring books piled up on top!

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where I sew…now

Back a few years ago I linked up with a bunch of others who were sharing their sewing spaces. At that time, I was sewing in our newly refinished basement.

Where I sew 2012

Fast forward to January of this year. After nearly 8 inches of rain in less than three days our basement flooded and this was the result.

Where I sew 2013 catastrophe

We moved all my sewing supplies to virtually every spare space in the house and I set up shop in the kitchen/dining room. After much moving around, this was where I have been sewing for the last 7+ months.

Studio space before

When we realized that the basement wasn’t going to be refinished (again!) any time soon, I declared a trip to Ikea was in order. I had to get a better handle on all the supplies scattered all over the house and figure out how to make a space work for me to sew in and us to also live in (think dinner and homework!).

And here is the result:

new studio space 2013

new studio space 2013

I still have a few kinks to work out and need to hang up my white board, but I can already breathe easier! Funny how organization can wear you out but also make you so excited!

new studio space 2013

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where i sew: updated

A while back Pink Chalk Fabrics was hosting a “where i sew” reveal and I posted some pictures of how my sewing/crafting space looked. Thrifty Decor Chick is hosting a craft room linky party so I thought I would use the opportunity show a few before and afters since my last post.

Here is my chalkboard wall and corner shelving before:

where i sew

and here it is today:

The baker’s rack in the corner was the very first piece of furniture that we ever bought after being married…almost 15 years ago! It was at my parents for a while, but I stole it back when I saw this perfect corner for it! This used to house pretty much all my fabric and everything else. I finally got a new shelf (see below) so now this corner is for my current inventory, projects that I need to start on, items ready to be cut and sewn etc. Basically things I don’t really get into on a constant basis.

The biggest issue before were all the tubs in the corner. Here is the corner with all the tubs before…ugg!

where i sew

and here it is today:

The shelf in the corner has been It’s a cheapy from Ikea, but it gets the job done. I’m still working out how to store and organize different things, but this shelf has been great to have to be able to just grab what I need when I’m ironing or working at my tablespace. The worktable used to be our dining room table which was left in our house when we bought it. I was wanting to bust out all the tiles in the middle of the table and repaint it, but we ended up finding a great antique table for $80 quickly brought this one downstairs for me to use. It’s been perfect…all it needs is a giant cutting mat and I’ll be over the moon.

I ended up going through all my tubs of fabric and used these four smaller bins from Ikea to sort scraps and then bigger scraps. So far it has worked great. I’m still tweaking how to store my smaller scraps and those fabrics I use in repeated etsy orders. I still have two tubs (hidden under the table) for storing larger fabrics and home dec fabric that I couldn’t part with but don’t use often. We also hung up a coat rack as extra storage and places to hang items in process or just other stuff.

We still need to put down baseboards (a winter project) and fix the stairs (which you thankfully can’t see in these pictures) and our basement craft/play room will be complete!

I’m daily thankful and excited for this space as it continues to grow and change!

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