tip-sy tuesday {trick for threading a needle}

Introducing a new goal for myself: tip-sy tuesday! On Tuesdays, I hope to offer a quick little tip that I’ve learned or use with sewing or maybe just in general life.

Today I’m going to show you a neat little trick for threading a needle; especially good to use with new little seamstresses. Last spring I was introduced to the Loran needle threaders. They are pretty neat and do a great job threading needles. I bought them for all my 7-14 year old sewing school students and it opened up a whole new world for them (and me…not having to chase back and forth re-threading needles).

loran needle threader

These little threaders are pretty inexpensive, at roughly $2 each, but having to buy a whole class set got pretty pricey. When I went to do my introductory class for using my new serger, my teacher there introduced me to floss threaders. While the Loran needle threaders are roughly $2 each, I can buy a pack of 50 of these floss threaders for less than that!


So here’s what you need:


~ A pack of floss threaders (I found mine at Walmart for less than $1.50 for the pack of 50 and it came with a case!)
~ a needle (we use chenille size 22 needles in my sewing classes)
~ some thread (in class we use crochet thread…which is a little bit thicker but holds up better for stitching with and it’s way cheaper than buying embroidery floss)

And here’s how to do it!

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