Embroidery: What’s Been On My Hoop Lately

My embroidery work has slowed down a fair amount the last few months – which honestly isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t pay as well, but it does reduce my stress so maybe it pays in a more relaxed mom. 🙂

Here’s a few things I have been working on:

A set of custom do-live-be-give hoops for a friend

I love how these turned out. We had some snafus with our thread colors, but finally we got it all worked out. These are an 8 inch version based off my smaller 6 inch hoops. She also requested a set of four (versus the original three) so we came up with “give love” which I thing is an awesome addition. I’m hoping to offer these as a pattern in 2017 with both the smaller and larger versions to choose from.


The wreath is made up of a bundle of hand dyed threads and beaded threads from Nells Embroidery which I couched down around the satin stitched and backstitched text. Nell is amazing to work with and is pretty much always my go-to when it comes to bundles of amazing threads.

Custom Portraits
I worked on a couple of custom portraits too – even trying my hand at some little pups!


and some braids with a cool hat:


New Pattern!!
And if you are looking for some holiday sewing I finally got my holiday scroll tree pattern up and in the shop. I’ve been wanting to draft this pattern for years and finally made it happen this year! This is a great pattern for beginners and advanced embroiderers alike. It has 3 types of stitches and is finished off with some fun vintage buttons as ornaments.



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Embroidery: New Pattern

JE cover

I’ve got a new pattern in the shop and this is a great one for those of you desiring to stretch your stitching muscles and learn how to make some beautiful embroidered flowers.

Jim Elliot Quote 2016

The quote is from Jim Elliott who was married to Elizabeth Elliot. I think knowing their story makes these words ring even more true. Truly, wherever the Lord had placed them, I don’t doubt they were completely all there. Engaged and invested fully in the people and surroundings that they were in. I long to live with that kind of contentment and trust.

Jim Elliot Quote 2016

This pattern is a mix of simple embroidery backstitches for the text and some more advanced stitches like the satin stitch flower, the rope stitch for the vines and more. The downloadable PDF is enhanced with links to videos for how to do each stitch, in addition to stitch photos and descriptions. There is a complete color and stitch chart and lots of tips on how to transfer your pattern and finish your embroidery.

Grab the pattern here and happy stitching!

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Embroidery: Wedding Season Has Begun

Everyone in my house knows when wedding season has begun by the stacks of shoeboxes that show up on our front porch! I’ve been super busy trying to keep up with all these custom embroideries, but I love it. Here’s a glimpse at some of the shoes I’ve done so far this spring.

chambray toms

These TOMS came with a great story about that little owl up on the top. It was a tribute to the bride’s grandmother. I love little special touches like that!


Mrs. Wild custom converse

I wish I kept count for how many pairs of these mint colored Converse I’ve stitched over the past few years. Definitely the most popular color.


Mrs. Clark custom converse

Mrs. Clark is getting married 🙂


monogrammed converse

It’s not all just wedding shoes around here! These were some custom monogrammed shoes for a local 13 year old. I really love how they turned out!


something blue custom converse

Something blue…


lacey keds custom

These lacey Keds are some of my favorites. I’ve done a couple pairs of them and I love how they turned out.


Mrs. Deltoro custom converse

Exreme close up.


custom converse

Every wedding day should start with “happily ever after!”


his and hers custom converse

Custom his and hers.

I’m still taking orders for custom embroidered TOMS, Keds and Converse. You can check out my whole shoe portfolio on flickr.
Interested in a pair? Click here to head over to my etsy shop.

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Embroidery: New Patterns

One of my goals this year is to start developing new patterns again. I’ve been working through the ins and outs of learning how to use Adobe InDesign and I was finally able to produce what I hope to be a new line of patterns. Each of these downloadable pdf patterns is interactive; meaning it comes with hyperlinks to recommended supplies, videos and step by step photos for different stitches and hopefully more. I’m working on adding a whole page full of how to start embroidery videos to this website at some point this year!

PeterPan 2016

The first pattern I finished this year was this quote by JM Barrie from Peter Pan. It was actually a custom pattern I made for a customer early in 2015 and I’ve been wanting to stitch it myself and offer it up as a pattern since then. This is a great pattern for a beginner. The entire pattern is stitched with a backstitch and there are so many ways you can go with this. Stitching it on dark fabric to give that illusion of the night or even stitching it with dark thread on a lighter background. You can purchase your instant download here.

Helen Keller 2016

The second pattern that I just released last week was this quote by Helen Keller. I love these words so much and I’ve claimed them as my quote of the year! Here’s to a daring adventure! This is a great pattern for someone wanting just a little bit more of a challenge. Most of it is stitched with a backstitch, except for the tree trunks. The trunks are filled in with a brick stitch, which is a super simple stitch that gives the illusion of something more challenging. Find the Helen Keller pattern here.

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Custom Embroidery: 50th anniversary hoop

My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December. My mom was expecting some sort of embroidered hoop and while the freedom to make something completely as I want is awesome it can also be overwhelming. I sketched through so many different ideas and eventually came up with this one. I’ve been tossing around the idea of doing portraits with little frames for a while and I felt like now would be a good time to practice.


I kind of have a love/hate relationship with embroidered flowers. In my little instagram world it seems like everyone is stitching up flowers and words and I’ve got this thing about not wanting to go with the flow – call me a salmon. But I have to admit that they are fun to do and can really look amazing when you are done.


For my mom’s veil I knew I wanted to try something a little dimensional. I am trying hard this year to use the supplies that I have on hand instead of running to Michael’s every five minutes. I had some organza ribbon on hand, so I folded it a little, made a gathering stitch, added some french knot flowers and voila – a veil! I love how to turned out. I tacked it down on the bottom with a little bit of machine sewing thread.


Here they are in all their 50 year younger self glory 🙂

threads used:
green and black d’aubusson wool – for the vines & frames
white and black coton a broder – for the text and his tux & french knot flowers in veil
cream londonderry linen – for her wedding dress outline
black cotton pearl size 8 – for the banner frames
standard dmc in a variety of colors
dmc linen for flowers

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