fmf: vivid

On Fridays I write with others with freedom. We write without editing, the first thing that comes to our minds and hearts on a word given to us by the gypsy mama. Join us!

Today’s word is: vivid


I love a good sunrise. I love to see the snow capped peaks as we drive into town. I love to see the sky explode at night with pinks and purples as we drive to see my parents some nights. As vivid as the touch of God is in all of these…well more than touch, more like giant hands…nothing is more vivid to me than words.

Reading in James this morning.
Being reminded that if we lack wisdom we are to ask. But, we are to ask without doubting.
That is the word that is jumping off the page at me.
That is the word that is vivid to me. Exploding in my heart. Revealing, not beautiful shades of color, but places where I do ask, but not with confidence.
Freedom is not doubting.
It is asking and knowing and trusting that He is listening, answering and doing.
He is moving.
And He is moving vividly in my life.
I just have to believe it.


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